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Bonds make you strong

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In the life of a child, relationships form the foundation for his development - from the very first day on. All development processes are thereby based on the relationship of a child to at least one caregiver. In this brochure, we will show what is important in the shaping of this relationship. It is aimed at the closest caregivers for infants and children, and, in eight messages, tells you what a child needs from the start in order to become strong. On this basis, children receive the necessary tools that they will need so that they can master the challenges and development tasks of the years to come.

  • 1 – 9 brochures CHF 4.50 each plus postage and packing
  • 10 – 29 brochures CHF 3.80 each plus postage and packing
  • 30 – 99 brochures CHF 3.50 each plus postage and packing
  • 100 – 199 brochures CHF 3.00 each plus postage and packing
  • 200 – 499 brochures CHF 2.50 each plus postage and packing
  • From 500+ brochures CHF 2.00 each plus postage and packing


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