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Booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine


Auffrischimpfung mit einem mRNA-Impfstoff Bild


The mRNA vaccines provide very effective protection against severe cases of COVID-19 requiring hospital admission. However, in people aged 65 and over, it appears that the protection afforded by the vaccination can decline over time. For these individuals we recommend a booster vaccination 4 months after completing the primary vaccination course. So far, it is unclear whether the protection against severe disease decreases in those aged under 65 and for new virus variants. However, protection from mild cases and transmission of the virus declines over time for everybody. This can occur more or less quickly, depending on the variant. For this reason we also recommend everyone from age 16 to 64 to have a booster vaccination.

Last update: 28.01.2022 / 25.02.2022


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