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Migesplus provides health information from 139 health organizations in up to 56 languages. This gives you access to even difficult-to-reach target groups. We can advise you at all stages - development, translation, production and distribution - so that your information material is even read by vulnerable target groups.

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Tap into our know-how:

migesplus provides practical and specialized know-how for the development, translation, production and distribution of information material for the socially underprivileged.

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Find qualified translators/interpreters: helps you find qualified translators and proofreaders in relevant languages. They are familiar with the Swiss health system and the healthcare terminology.


Expand your reach by distributing your content through us:

We provide a central hub of health-related information for professionals in the healthcare and social services sectors. As many as 120,000 publications are ordered every year. Use this distribution channel to reach vulnerable target groups.

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Use the media targeting the migrant population in Switzerland:

Reach an audience of up to 120,000 readers with your health information and prevention campaigns.

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  • Checklists on development, production and translation (PDF)