Poverty / Social disadvantage

PPoverty can make people ill, but the opposite is also true: illness can cause poverty. There is a range of reasons for poverty and social disadvantage. However, the effects on health are undisputed. Good to know • Illness can lead to unemployment and make it difficult to find a new job. There is a huge risk that those affected will become dependent on social assistance. • Bad working or living conditions, debt and long-term unemployment jeopardize an individual's mental and physical well-being. • Children from underprivileged families often have worse development outcomes. Preschool care and support services considerably increase equal opportunity when the children start school. • But poverty and social disadvantage often go hand in hand with a lower level of health literacy, meaning that individuals are unable to take the right decisions in their everyday lives to have a positive impact on their health. The easy-to-understand health information on migesplus in up to 56 different languages promotes health literacy.

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