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    In focus

      Improving mental health

      We can maintain our mental well-being by taking good care of ourselves. However, seeking professional help is recommended in case of a severe psychological crisis.

      Target groups

      Clear information is essential to help people to take part in social, economic and political life. Find out more about creating and publicizing easily understandable information.

      Migration and trauma

      Experiences of war and displacement can overwhelm someone temporarily or long-term. Early diagnosis and treatment are important in managing it.

      migesMedia: Media for migrants

      Disseminate your information and campaigns in the languages of the migrant population

      Sexual health

      Information about sexual health and sexual orientation.

      Pregnancy and childbirth

      Information the time before and after childbirth, healthy eating, breastfeeding and labour law issues.

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    Public Information
    Pain - A simple explanation

    We are all familiar with pain. For example, when • we graze our knee, • we burn our hand on a hot stove or • we are sad. But how does pain work? What is it there for? And what is chronic pain? In this leaflet, you will find answers to th…

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