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      Information for Ukrainians

      Find important health information for Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland.

      Migration and trauma

      Experiences of war and displacement can overwhelm someone temporarily or long-term. Early diagnosis and treatment are important in managing it.

      migesMedia: Media for migrants

      Disseminate your information and campaigns in the languages of the migrant population

      Life in Switzerland

      Diversity in our society shapes the way people live together in Switzerland. Information about age, origin, social circumstances and their influence on health helps those concerned in their everyday lives.

      Mental health

      Information shows how mental health can be promoted and strengthened in everyday life.

      Sexual health, pregnancy and childbirth

      Information about sexual health and sexual orientation. But also about the time before and after childbirth, healthy eating, breastfeeding and labour law issues.

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    START: Stress erkennen, verstehen und etwas dagegen tun

    Ab 1. Juni 2022 in Wabern bei Bern. Möchtest Du: - eigene Gefühle und Reaktionen verstehen? - mit Stress nicht alleine sein? - in schwierigen Situationen gelassener reagieren können? - ruhiger und entspannter sein? - dich besser konzentrieren können? - w…

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    Kostenlose Dolmetscher-Hotline

    Um die Kommunikation zwischen Helfenden und Geflüchteten zu unterstützen, bietet dei Allianz Gruppe eine kostenlose Dolmetscher-Hotline an (zwischen Deutsch, Ukrainisch und Russisch). __Gratis Dolmetscher-Hotline: +41 (0)58 358 50 00__ __(Montag bis Son…

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    When you just can't forget

    This brochure is designed to help people who have experienced traumatic events and their families. It is for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Postage will be charged on goods sent abroad.

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