Migration Infobox and "engagiert migration"

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Our platforms are evolving

Migration Infobox and engagiert Migration, our platforms for people involved in migration, required technical adaptations and major updates.

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) has therefore decided to take advantage of existing synergies with migesplus. Content from the platform Migration Infobox will be transfered on the health information platform run by the SRC since 2004. migesplus will be relaunched in summer 2024.

To get started with migesplus

The following themes are particularly relevant to supporting people with a migration background:

An overview of all the topics covered can be found on the topics page.

Volunteering or looking for volunteers

Engagiert Migration, the project initiated by HEKS/EPER (then engagiert.jetzt), which was taken over by the SRC in 2021, enabled many organizations to find volunteers and people who wanted to get involved to find an activity that suited them. We have decided to discontinue this service as specialized platforms offer a similar service to engagiert Migration.

  • Five Up, is a joint project between Apps with Love, the Swiss Society for the Common good and the SRC, where volunteers can find associations to get involved with and where associations can publish their advertisements.
  • benevol suisse, the largest platform for volunteering in Switzerland.

If you are interested in SRC volunteering, you can find it on redcross.ch and on the websites of the SRC cantonal associations.