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Being a parent to an adolescent


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Being a parent to an adolescent is a big challenge and at the same time a very enriching experience. This is much more the case in a society where multiple cultures and languages are used.

This brochure, inspired by the Newsletters to Parents from Swiss Addiction, addresses parents with adolescent children (girls and boys alike) primarily between the ages of 12-18 years. It is edited in French but also in Italian, Spanish, Albanian, English, Somali, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Tamil and Arabic to be read by the maximum number of families living in the Canton of Vaud.

The content of this brochure addresses behavior that is customary or rather permitted in Switzerland. It is possible that it touches themes that preoccupy some parents more than others. In addition, living together with all these cultures purports to share a general understanding of the customs and traditions, commonly known as «mode of living of the country» with the purpose of a reciprocal integration within the society.

The brochure does not aim to establish universal rules, but rather to provide tips concerning difficulties that parents face when raising children.


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