Sui SRK app

Sui SRK is a Swiss Red Cross app intended for refugees in Switzerland. It is free of charge, in various languages and combines support (S), unaided self-help (U) and information (I).

Sui SRK comprises the following:

  • Comprehensive information on everyday topics: looking for a job or an apartment, family reunification, asylum procedures, healthcare system, etc.
  • Psychological self-help: breathing and relaxation exercises to cope with stress, difficult emotions, chronic pain, sleep disorders, etc.
  • Individual, psychosocial counselling in a chat: trained counsellors answer users’ questions in their mother tongue and refer them to support services.

Target group

The app is intended for refugees in Switzerland aged 16+.

It is currently available in German and Arabic. Other languages will be added in the next few months, including English, French, Ukrainian and Farsi/Dari.


sui migesplus gross

The app has a detailed storyline, comprising:

  • Various protagonists from the target group talking about their experiences, hopes and concerns.
  • Sui, a clever little bird who provides guidance on how to start a new life in Switzerland.

The app also provides a glossary, a calendar, a fast language-change option and bookmarks for favourite content.

Download the app

Sui SRK is intended to facilitate the arrival in Switzerland and life here for refugees to our country. Try it out and recommend it to others:

Sui App QR-Codes (klein)

Spread the word

You can use our flyer/poster to inform refugees about our app. They can be downloaded or ordered free of charge.

If you have any questions or are interested in our project, feel free to contact us:


Sui SRK was developed by the Swiss Red Cross in collaboration with the University of Bern, the Freie Universität Berlin, the Swiss Refugee Council and a variety of specialists.

The project receives financial support from the SRC Humanitarian Foundation, Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz and the federal integration budget.

The concept, design and all content were developed in cooperation with representatives of the target group.