migesMedia: Media for migrants

Publish health information and campaigns in various non-Swiss languages and reach up to half a million people with a migrant background. Take advantage of the editors’ know-how and proximity to your target group.

Abstract migesMedia: Medien der Migrationsbevölkerung

Find media

Choose the media channel according to the languages of your target groups and use it to publish news and other information.
With just one click, you can download the contact details of a particular media channel in an Excel file.

For the migrant communities’ media:
Publicize your news platform on migesMedia. Publishers of health information are interested in publicizing campaigns through the migrant population’s own media channels and networking with your editorial team. Publicize your media free of charge on migesplus.ch.


Swiss Red Cross, Werkstrasse 18, 3084 Wabern
Bülent Kaya
phone: +41 58 400 45 13

Media campaigns

Migrants often only have limited access to your most important health information. migesMedia helps you to reach this target group, adapt your information to their needs, and select the right formats and channels for disseminating it. To this end, we work in close cooperation with the migrant communities’ own media.

We would be pleased to help you with your campaigns. Here is an overview of the campaigns coordinated by migesMedia.