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Recommendations for using digital media - For parents of children from 6 to 13

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Digital media are omnipresent in the world today – and that applies to children too. They experience how adults communicate via the Internet, obtain information online and use digital media for entertainment. But they also consume online content themselves, whether in their leisure time or at school. This is why parents ask themselves many questions about how to use media.

One thing is certain: in order for children to learn how to use digital media safely and responsibly, they need guidance and support – but also the opportunity to make their own experiences and to try things out within a protected framework. Children are individuals, their development varies, and so rules and limitations that are based entirely on their age are often not effective. Nevertheless, there are some criteria that parents and other key people in a child's life can use as a guide.

We hope our recommendations encourage you to take a positive and creative approach to the question of media use, to discover content together with your children, agree rules with your children, and make conscious and considered decisions about the use of digital media.

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