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Sugar: less is more

Zucker weniger ist mehr


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Diabetischer Fuss

Alle Massnahmen, die der Arteriosklerose entgegenwirken, kommen nicht nur Ihren Füssen zugute, sondern wirken sich auch günstig auf Erkrankungen wie Herzinfarkt oder Hirnschlag aus: - Verzicht auf Nikotin - Ausgewogene Ernährung - Normales Körpergewicht - …

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MAYbe Less Sugar

MAYbe Less Sugar is an initiative of diabetesvaud, which leads the project in collaboration with the Health Promotion and Prevention Department of Unisanté. It brings together a large network of partners who adhere to the partnership charter and the object…

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Health equity

By drawing on selected examples this brochure depicts the complex nature of equity in health. Particular emphasis is placed on the determinants of migrant background, income and education.* The scope is set by the National Strategy for the Prevention of No…

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Diabetes and Ramadan

Even people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes can fast to Ramadan - but because of the metabolic disease they are not required to do so according to all Islamic law schools. However, many believers insist on keeping fast. During Ramadan, during the daytime fa…

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