Flyer/Information sheet

Visual communication aids for infant health counsellors

Picture worksheets for professionals counselling mothers and fathers with children 0–4 years old.

Topics: Sleep, Nose-blowing, Nutrition plan for infants 1–2 years old (months), Car safety, Teeth brushing, Fear of unfamiliar foods (food neophobia), Screen time, Accident prevention, Crying, Flat-head syndrome (plagiocephaly), Personal hygiene, Fever.


Topic: Sleep

Topic: Wipe Nose

Topic: Safety in the car

Topic: Facial care

Topic: Cry

Topic: Teeth

Thema: Screens

Topic: Security

Nutritional plan 0-1 year

Nutritional plan 4-6 month

Nutritional plan 6-8 month

Nutritional plan 8-12 month

Nutritional plan 1 year plus