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Tips to shop healthily and affordably


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Health equity

By drawing on selected examples this brochure depicts the complex nature of equity in health. Particular emphasis is placed on the determinants of migrant background, income and education.* The scope is set by the National Strategy for the Prevention of No…

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Learning opportunities for children up to age four

“Learning opportunities for children up to age 4” is a project of the Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich. The video clips are two to four minutes long and are available in 13 languages. The video clips are designed for parents and caregivers o…

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Our society has become increasingly multi-lingual and multicultural through the immigration of the last decades. In many places, the focus is therefore on the question of dealing with diversity. Interbiblio and its member libraries believe that linguistic …

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Child Poverty in the Midst of Wealth

In a time of general prosperity, more than 69 million children live in poverty in some of the world’s richest countries. Poverty is most often defined by income. But for most children, poverty is about more than just money. It is about growing up in a home…

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