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Recommendations for dealing with people in crisis situations

... and following difficult lefe events

Titelbild Empfehlungen für den Umgang mit Menschen in Krisen


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When you just can't forget

This brochure is designed to help people who have experienced traumatic events and their families. It is for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Postage will be charged on goods sent abroad.

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Public Information is a plattform for online counselling and therapy and offers you mental support and psychological help in every area of life. People seeking advice can recieve immediate psychologial help.

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Publications for professionals
Max hat etwas Schlimmes erlebt

Dieses Bilderbuch will Fachpersonen bei der Psychoedukation von Kindern, die eine traumatisierende Erfahrung gemacht haben, unterstützen. Es ist für den Altersbereich zwischen 4 und 12 Jahren gedacht. Es enthält Beschreibungen von typischen Symptomen sowie…

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Parent Guide Refugees

Perhaps you have fled your homeland because it has been destroyed, or because a war is going on there. You have left the home that you shared with your family. And on your journey to Germany, you may also have experienced great hardship. Perhaps you fled y…

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