Targeted information

About one in five adults have difficulty understanding the written word. If we are to reach socially disadvantaged people, it is important for us to write in an easily understandable style.

Abstract Zielgruppengerecht informieren

Interkulturelles Dolmetschen

Intercultural interpreters speak both the local language and the migrant’s language. But as a rule they also have personal experience as a migrant. They know the Swiss healthcare, social service and education systems and the related structures in the migrant’s country of origin. This knowledge helps them to avoid any misunderstandings. Intercultural interpreters are bound by professional secrecy.

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Publications for professionals

Es stehen diverse Filme (positive und negative Beispiele eine Kommunikation zu Dritt, aber auch Infofilme über die Ausbildung und Supervision von Dolmetschenden und Interviews der DarstellerInnen) zur Verfügung. In der Rubrik "Werkstatt" sind die Inhalte d…

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Producing materials

Would you like to develop health information for vulnerable target groups? Careful planning helps you to choose suitable media types and reach your target group.

Publicizing information

Do you want to make sure your information reaches the right target groups? migesMedia will help you reach readers with a migration background. Publish your information and campaigns in the languages of the migrant communities.

Plain language

Plain language is writing designed to facilitate access to written information for people who have difficulty reading and understanding the written word, for example people with little or no formal education or little knowledge of a national language. Plain language makes use of easier words, shorter sentences, meaningful images and a clear layout, while avoiding abbreviations and technical terms.